Thursday, 21 October 2010

Not A Fashion Show, SHOW!

So, back to Nottingham for a 'REAL' catwalk with REAL people, showing off Nottingham's most religious, to the most eccentric. The meaning of the word Eclectic. All organised by Nottingham based designer Daniel A Hanson, whose dressing gowns and nightware designs are stocked in Harrods and Bergdorf Goodman amoung many others around the world.

Above: Nicholas Hanson, son on Daniel Hanson and Ross Hancock (right) former Project Runway contestant and
GQ's Best Dressed Man in Brittain. After the show, Daniel Hanson said that he made a bet with Hancock before the
competition, as Hancock asked to wear his dressing gown, Daniel said if he won he could keep it, if he lost he
had to pay ( remembering this paticluar dressing gown would be £1000 upwards). Luckily for Ross, he won.

(The couple on the right;I could take there picture, if they gave me a key,
it was a mysterious key, i wonder what it opens?)

Overall, it was a wonderful event, Daniel kept on asking everyone later if they thought it was a good night, asif unsure, but it was a good night. It was a great atmosphere, there where all kinds of people there, people travelling from work who heard the noise, friends,family and fashionistas all united by everyones different interpretation of style. Word has it there will be another one next year, bigger and better! Just what Nottingham needs.

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