Monday, 11 October 2010

Sur Magique

The board actually used to make many a Tshirt hung up in the window, Sur Magique carved out of the layers of paint.

Some may have wondered why this is the web address for my blog- well I first actually set this up for me and timmy because of our Painty Tshirt fun-stuff Sur Magique. But I sort of ended up stealing this address from us.....


Fun Exciting Stuff has happened, we finally got our act together (almost), made some Tshirts and now they have ended up in a shop in Nottingham. The Attack owned by the charming Courtney Black, is on the top floor of Broadmarsh, so if you are feeling abit dull and boring (as you would feel in Broadmarsh, it is rather grim) please pop up to The Attic and have a browse, you may be pleased with what you find int galaxy far yonder.

"Daisy Hainsworth and Timmy Whitehouse create energetic, handmade recycled garments using mono printing and screen printing techniques. Which generate spalshy drippy galaxy inspired clothing of slightly controlled chaos"
Further details and photoshoot coming soon.....

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