Saturday, 2 October 2010

When Let Loose on DSUK...naughty, naughty

So after living in Nottingham up until recent, it was one missed Designer Sale after the other....Today I decided to change that and ventured down Kings Rd to the Old Chelsea Town Hall. It was as I expected, some amazing buys and then there was the mediocre Designers that I wouldn't really want to go near that were still over priced. It's also dissapointing when there is a woman with a microphone mummbling down the end of it while you are trying to shop about some deals they have going on. So I stuck to the Vivienne Westwood, so much so I ended carrying some out with me (a mere £200 down). On the way home, I couldn't help but giggle cheakily at how bad I had been, and how happy I was to now have a Vivienne Westwood coat worth £800.
I do really recommed going on the first day of the sale, as there would be more choice, however I think my items where further reduced as it was the last day, so whichever you choose really.
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So happy, felt like jumping.

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