Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fly Me To Moonrise Kingdom

Just a quick reaction to a splendid piece of cinema:

With delicious Wes Anderson styling and classic lines like 'I'll be out back, I'm going to find a tree to top down' it was hard to resist the temptation to go experience the latest from Wes Andersons film factory of treats. Indead, the actual film did not let any budding fan down, every second of the script was cleverly laced with Andersons ironic and visual humour. With all of the actors, young and mature alike arising to the occasion with convincing portrayls of geeky indepentent youths.

Of course, Anderson is the don of striking stylised cinema. His perfect colour palette, with an overhaul of yellow and blue in the cinematography, sets and costumes,  combined with the music adding humour and characteristics. These elements accumulate to build the highly styled hyper reality in which he engulfs the audience. This style  particularly helped capture the charming element of school yard romance and complimented  the naive, child- adventure focus of the film, making it the ultimate Swallows and Amazons adventure. All of this, while still managing to fit the matters of life and death into the film, he surely reigns supreme.

Perhaps because I was so enthusiastic to experience this adventure at the start, around the middle of the film I felt it lacket enough for me to stop and think when I should have been running away with myself ( and the characters) . The moment you get past the excitment of stylisation, at points  I feel it skimmed along, the story is the main focus of a film after all. However I soon jumped back of the bandwagon as the Anderson took us through marriage, floods, hiring and firing, even lighting. A must-see purely for understanding what perfection looks like.

'Jiminy Cricket, he flew the coop!'

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  1. Hi Daisy! Just found your lovely little blog! I LOVE this film too, fell in love when I watched it. Hope you are well and life is treating you very nicely :)
    We are now following your delightful blog.

    Hope to see you soon! Lots of love, Kendall xxx