Friday, 18 January 2013


I really don't have any loyalty to this blog whatsoever do I....

 These seem to be the only photos on the internet to be found of the Baekelands. 

This film I watched because I started pursuing Eddie Redmayne's catalogue of films last year, after seeing him in BirdSong and My Week With Marilyn. I could go on about him and how much I thought he was a cocky old Etonian until I saw an interview with him and discovered he was a perfect, open, honest gentleman with both a Tony and a Olivier Award.

He is stunning in Savage Grace, a film based on the tragic story of socialite Barbara Daly Baekland. Be warned though, when I recommended this film to my mum and sister to watch and described it as 'a period drama based on the true story of a socialite', they certainty weren't expecting incest. Which is why I received a text near the end saying 'daisy what were you thinking, me and mum can't even look' haha poor dears.

Its got fantastic acting, costumes, sex, style, drugs, incest and rock and roll. YEAH

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