Saturday, 20 February 2010

Lovin' The Live Streamin'

(need to stop usin' those things)

As this blog-thing is sorta more a diary for myself,for notes on fashion as i go throughout the year with pictures and keep a record off things (well attempt to anyways!)

My reveiws/comments on some of the shows I've seen so far through the divine inspiration that is London Fashion Week Live Stream!! yay =D

Alexander Wang (watch through SHOWstudio)

Ok, so normally Wang isn't really my cup of tea, or more of I don't really understand the hype. I get that it is obviously well made and of a certain 'style'. I like more eccentric stuff (in lamens terms), not really into sports wear etc although i do 'like' his previous collections. Enough wafffles, on with my comments.....but this season I was surprised at how much I liked it, it was fresh, different while inkeeping with his modern grungy look. Although perhaps a velvet OVERLOAD, I loved the cut-out pieces and I thought he offered something completly new with that. It felt like it was a 'clever' collection, well cut with the construction/deconstruction of the suits (which i do always enjoy a bit off).
Ok, so I did say 'reveiws' but they will come later when I'm not meant to be.... sorting my portfolio,writing an essay.preparing for my interveiw,and what to wear!tidying my bedroom and a letter to Grace Connington about how much i adore her.

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