Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spring Cleanin'

Domestic Bliss Project?
Give me a wire-supported Apron! (Corny Collins voice) perfect for everyday house was a nightmare to make,all that wire and fabric, and trying to get it to actually stand out.I probably say this too often, but why cant life be like Disney?Sometimes it would just be so useful to have a little squirrel to come sew for you. But I made it watching Breakfast At Tiffanys, so all was well and dandy =)

Obviously, the name speaks for itself, about housewives(how did you guess?), 1950's inspired which i adored completely.I tried to do some research, you know pictures of houewives and such. Ended up on Ebay searching old patterns, oooooo you can find so many gems on there! Illustrations, I think looking at 1950's adverts might actually be one of my favourite past times. I was really inspired by the drawing and the way the apron stood out, I wanted to literally transfer this into real life. After starch spray,cardboard,more starch spray (sighhhh) and even old lampshades(!?) finally sort of finished. Also whipped up some duster fashions ;)
Will explain better later, enough are some pictures/outakes of the shoot anyways.
More to come =) i have waaaay to many....

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