Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Don't Know If You've Realised, I'm Not All That 'Here'

Alice In Wonderland 1903!


So recently went to see Alice in Wonderland, and while I think I enjoyed it in the moment, the more I talk about the more I dislike the film, and even calling it Alice in Wonderland. I think the reason for me disliking it the most is that they actually tried to make sense of the Alice story, I mean, who does that?? I know, people who are pressured to satifsy a studio and a gobal (American) audience. The whole point of Alice is that it is meant to be like everyones on crack, even Disney sortof stayed true to this the first time. Just like the first film made, it just makes no sense and thats the beauty! The fact that you know what is going to happen all along is just wierd and boring. And if someone had told me it wasn't Tim Burton directing I would have belived them, with that technology he had the potenial to make it even crazier, but even in wonderland the landscape seems dull, whereas he could have really experiemnted alot more. Having said that, Johnny Depp was good, and it was entertaining (not nearly funny enough though) and I thoroughly enjoyed the Red Queens Head. AMEN!

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