Friday, 9 July 2010

Cover Up, Love!

My obsession with "Modesty Vests" started about 4-5 years ago when I went to my first Frock Me event in London. There I found two Modesty Vests (as I found out they where called, due to women wearing them under a low cut jacket to cover themselves up.) and I was so intrugied by how delicate and even though they where £15 each and made out of very little fabric, I had to have them. They where definatly worth the money, as despite having toooo many clothes I'm scared of going to Uni, I have worn these countless times with all my different clothes as they are so versitle and can be worn with/under/over pretty much anything.
This lead me to thinking that perhaps this is what we need in these days of recession and consumerism, to have a new type of 'accessory' instead of a scarf something more like a garment, that could be attached to clothes like how they used to have removable collars etc on shirts, so instead of going out and buying a new shirt just replace the collar if it was wearing. So I've decided in the future I'm going to bring back modesty vests etc and save the planet while I'm doing it haha.

1940's modesty vests

steps of me making it, going backwards as I cant figure out the photo uploader. yay.

Follow the numbers 1-6 ja
6.Finished Vest ( apart from the ties that attached the front to back)

5. Resulted in using old bondaweb as I was time-busting it!
loving the icecream colours and cute instructions

4. Ruff design/ layers

2.Just pulled out some random pieces and decided to use them as my try out one, see what I could make of it.

3.bit of a fantango decided how to attach the silk to the cotton flatly without making a complete mess

1.Basically,from working at Daniel A Hanson I have recieved many maaaaaany bags of beautiful material scraps which are now all over my living room floor as everyone is trying to snag the best bits.Soooo many amazing fabrics ( which I will try and record later if I remember) but I've decided I will use these to make modesty vests as well as piece them together to make other garments.

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