Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mess Mess Mess squared

i thought i would post this one for comic value,my lips are slighty Courtney Love post surgury, although you can see the details of the collar, so thats something ahah
So, this was ages ago when I got some tights and as you can see it sent me a little enthusiastic and I started to dress up (not uncomman). This was when my hair was fringe free and love a luscious and wavy (with billions of dead ends mind you) and and i miss it.
So, the blouse is vintage from my attic (woop), skirt H&M(german oooo), tights and shoes Topshop and fur neck thing is my mums i found but oo i love, might be H&M...

I have an obsession with Bralets (or thats what they call them in Topshop, i hate how i've mentions Topshop now three times in one post, i really am not a worshipper, honest.) One day I shall post my modest collection on this site, aswell as MODESTY VESTS, i LOVE them.Top is charity shop,bralet topshop, sparkly pants £1 from H&M (SCORE as they where actually swimwear, clever ehy)

This was my Punk Rocker with Flowers in my hair look for t
oday.Jacket French Connection, Top TOPSHOP (err) skirt charity shop and so is the belt.
do you like my room? get why this post it called MESSSSSSS
obviously a girlie No Doubt tribute may also be able to see my 1940's wedding dress that I will fit into on my wedding day it is absolutly the most Divine thing and my mum and dad bought it for me when i was like 4 in a very none strange way aha and it only cost them £20 can you believe it?!? I am eternally greatful to both of them for that.


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