Saturday, 27 November 2010

101 Pounds of Fun

1950's vintage highwaisted shorts (part of two piece set)

Ahoy!I know its just started to snow, but ironically it always reminds me there is nothing(like a dame) better than sitting warm inside,hot chocolate, by the fire with 'South Pacific' on the telly, listening to Nellie Forbush 'wash that man right outta her hair'. It was only a matter of time before this timeless musical made an appearance on here, reminding me of my grandma and grandad in the 50's who went to see the original broadway show, and last year I was lucky enough to see the revived musical on broadway, which pretty much made my life. So I thought I would look to Spring/Summer 2011 when John Galliano sent a whole load of 'Cock-eyed optimists' down the runway at Christian Dior. Perhaps the fact it is based on 'South Pacific' has clouded my judgement of this collection, as at first glance I didn't think much of it, and to be honest the garments arn't too inspiring, although the prints do capture the essense of that 50's feel, and the 'bali hai' crochet dresses are also a must for summer. Even if the magic is in the styling and production, I'm looking forward to being a 'Honey Bun' this summer!
(apologies for basically putting the whole film on here, i couldn't bare leave things out)

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