Wednesday, 17 November 2010

An interveiw with Warrior Goddess, designer Daisy Craver

Launched on September the 16th and with items sold out in store, Daisy Craver’s collection for Warehouse was a huge success. Craver, who after Graduating from the University of Westminster BA Fashion Design course, won the 2010 Design competition, where she was awarded an opportunity any graduate would dream of, a design placement at Warehouse. An opportunity to build on her graduate collection from the designs through to production and marketing, learning invaluable skills for the promising career ahead, as Craver is now the ‘it-girl’ on the high-street.

Daisy Craver was chosen from 10 finalists, and there is no doubt she deserved it. Taking a closer look at her collection (which you can see Daisy explain here); she has hit the nail on the head of high street. There is such detail and a couture feeling of the draping (something the high-street has taken years to master) but it is easy to wear and feminine while keeping that empowering hard edge rebellious feel. Craver defiantly captured the spirit of her Warrior Princess inspiration.

Daisy Craver will undoubtedly now follow in the footsteps of previous Westminster fashion graduates Christopher Bailey (Burberry), Michael Herz (Bally) and many others who have enjoyed success in the industry. Daisy has very kindly answered a couple of questions on her experience at Warehouse and the question we all want to know, what will happen next!

Also, head over to Warehouse to become a warrior princess and snag what’s left of the collection!

-What differences did you make to your Final Collection to accommodate the high-street?
To be honest, I didn’t really have to change my collection much for the High street as all of the pieces were already quite wearable. However, the production team at warehouse did make a few adjustments to the fit, and put linings in where I hadn’t etc.

-After Warehouse, what are you looking to do next? Is continuing designing for the high-street your goal or would you prefer to go into high end Fashion? Start your own company etc?
I'm not 100% sure about what I want to do after Warehouse, definitely keep designing but I just don't know where. I would like to go slightly higher end High St, like Reese or Whistles. And eventually, my goal is to go and work in NY for Alexander Wang, DKNY or Marc Jacobs. And then one day, when I have gained loads of experience maybe start up my own business.

-How is the placement at Warehouse? Do you have all control of what you do, or are there specific guidelines?
The placement at Warehouse is great, I have a lot of creative freedom and tasks vary from day to day. some days I’m designing clothes, other days I’m designing prints, or working out an embellishment. And when I’m with marketing I get to write blogs etc so it’s always quite exciting!

-What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?The print is amazing, is it actually lighting or paper etc?
I designed one of the prints by scrunching up coated paper, it was sort of a happy accident. I accidentally bent some paper and really liked the effect it had so that is where it started!

My favourite piece is probably the pony skin biker jacket as I think it quite luxurious yet classic and could be worn forever! And I like the idea that the more someone wears it the more worn and soft it will get over time.

All photos taken from the Warehouse website and the Westminster Fashion Blog.

Enjoy! Also we, still at Westminster wish Daisy all the best, aswell as the other students that gradutated last year.

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