Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Watch out Mulberry there is a new IT bag on the loose and its flocking from ZARA.  I liken this bag to a rash, I first saw it on the arm of one of my friends and immediatly thought to ask where it was from as it looked like the work of Alexander Wang or Prada or some standard, classic designer. But no Zara it was. From then on it started to pop up gradually but surely, on my other friends arm in a different colour, then at the from of a Zara store, then low and behold a birthday present. This bag really gets around, but there is no guessing why, its classicly chic and  raidiates quility, altough I did find the inside bag usless as the facinings just came loose because it wasn't the right length. Despite this Olivia Palmero has been 'spotted' with it (she really gets up my goat) and OH hello a new version was on this weeks episode of Pretty Little/Shitty Liars/Sluts. Looks like everyones in for a treat!

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