Thursday, 16 August 2012


So I saw this article on my friends wall on facebook.

Finding this article on a friends wall on facebook, prompted me to do a post I've been meaning to do for forever. THATS SO TRIBE. Who ever knows me or perhaps interacts will know there was a time (and it still looms) when I was compeletly obsessed by the 1990s channel 5 Milkshake/Cloud9 series The Tribe. Revisiting childhood memories is defiantly my favourite past time and what better that re watching the whole 57 episodes of 5 whole series of The Tribe. Infact, my flatmate realised I'd watched a whole weeks worth of half an hour episodes.  Here is a synposis:

'The Tribe is a New Zealand/British post-apocalyptic fictional TV series primarily aimed at teenagers. It is set in a near-future in which all adults have been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving the children of the world to fend for themselves. The show's focus is on an unnamed city inhabited by tribes of children and teenagers.'

The 'so bad its good' its good phrase can aptly be applied to the programme, the acting, the set and costume, fake-american/NZ/english accents and melodrama make it an instant hilarious cult classic. Along with even cheesier music videos released at the height of its sucess, its easy to be engulfed in the world of the mallrats, locos, and demondogs, I nearly even ran away from a man  because I thought Zoot was in a fabric shop in Shepards Bush. One of the most identifiable elements of The Tribe is definatly the costume, and its looking like CloudNines predictions of how 'kids' will dress in the future are coming true. With photographers like Alis Pelleschi being inspired by The Tribe and alot of east-london 'hipsters' sporting multicoloured hair, bindis, facepaint, platform shoes and 90's gear, the 'so bad its good' Tribe look has definatly crept its way to the future of trends.


There is so much footage, characters, and costumes that I've missed out, you'll just have to watch ha!

Keep The Dream Alive

bray and amber 4EVA <3

All images are either taken from TribeWorld, Alis Pelleschi's facebook and website, Louis Banks facebook, images of claire barrow from bleach london lookbook etc I don't own anything.

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