Sunday, 28 October 2012


With titles like ‘The Paperboy leaves us feeling dirty and used’ and ‘Actors shine in dark, evil tale’ The Paperboy has reeled me in, with a killer trailer and a curious amount of hot-cold-mysteriously disgusted reviews. It seems it is already set to be a cult classic as the scene where Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron has already gone viral. Here are some other amusing review quotes:

This hot mess got booed by the snobs at Cannes, but there's no denying its profane energy.

Daniels' deft adaptation of Pete Dexter's 1996 novel is even more disturbing on screen than on the page. It's a Southern Gothic noir thriller with a terrific ensemble cast.

The Paperboy is constantly playing chicken with the line that divides a good movie from a bad one. Just when you've written it off, it reels you back in.

Tennessee Williams on crack.

Nicole Kidman looks like if Nancy Sinatra was on crack. Agreed?

Can't wait to see this and be disgusted...

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