Monday, 28 January 2013


I have a strange relationship with Susan Hiller. I was first introduced to her when me and mother went to an exhibition at the Tate, doing the rounds of exhibits, you know.  Some of her work, to be frank, made me cringe thinking of Alevel Art but then some brought me to tears. I think there is always a fine line, and its easy to forget the original artist when you see them. Luckily, mum brought the book so I've revisited my favourites:

|These collections of Auras are so aesthetically pleasing, and while science captured them, seems to defy science by making humanity and being alive so magical. These are the physical colours people leave trailing behind them. I like it when things are clever, and this is CLEVER. ha

Forget cats, I'm definitely going to be the postcard woman, for sure. So maybe I am slightly biased when it comes to her Rough Sea postcards series, I can't help it. They are spectacular though...
This is my favourite postcard I own, its not written on but I like to think what message someone would want to send with it haha

 Its all about the pregnant bellies that look like weird NASA moon surfaces...

 THIS MADE ME CRY.  Again, capturing humanity like no other, I'm a sucker for memory/time themed art and this hits it. They are all memorial plaques of forgotten heroes that died saving someone else. I die.

 Art imitating art, a wall full of old levitation photos, well its fun to look at and this one is a supposed homage to Yves Klein, among other it.


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