Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I'm not sure, but yeah I'm pretty sure this is the best thing I've seen since the actually saw Fred Astaire dancing in Top Hat. Well its only January, but already the great actor Eddie Redmayne gets the prize for biggest sport of the year/best person. BLESS HIS COTTON SOCKS, its like Vanity Fair watched interveiws and thought hmmm one thing Eddie hates/ claims to have 2 left feet, dancing....DING! Lets make him Fred Astaire ahahaha He really gets into character though and hides his fear well. WELL DONE!

Click here to watch the video on Vanity Fair. 

I normally do an anual post of Fringer anyway, its no secret that I get swept off my feet chills when I watch them. Recntly went to go see Top Hat at the Alywich Theatre which was spectacular, there is something about 50-odd people tapdancing on a stage that is just magic.I thought I would post a few uncut image/video moodboards I did for  project for the label CHLOE. 

I did cut them together with all the good bits but can't find them right now, so these are just all the funkys.

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