Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mess Mess Mess

Westminster Fashion Show- so wish i had gone, damn!
Been watching the videos and thought they where all really good, loved the ice skater shoes and crazy menswear.
I think I liked Jessica Maddens the best though (as I later found her name out) simply because it just looked so beautiful and I couldnt work out what the fabric was and wanted a closer look! It has a real element of mystery to it and even though the garments mixed with the music could of seemed over theatrical and romantic, it didn't as it still had hard structure within the clothes. Just the work that had been put into it looked awesome, watching all these makes me seriously scared about doing my own Final Show(which i am blessed in also going to Westminster =D I'm starting to get extremly excited and watching all the alumi shows)....Do they really sew all the sequins on themselves? what if they want to use sequins?!?
Anyways, it reminded me of my first Fashion project I did on foundations. Man, I just love the texture of that skirt, ya know how it looks different in the light as it moves.
You can mostly see the wings on these pictures but I think i prefered the dress the best =)

watch HERE

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