Monday, 7 June 2010

The Princess who lived in a Tree

Images and Plastic Bottles etc: Timothy Whitehouse
Designed, Modeled and Styled by: Daisy Hainsworth (ME)

The name of my post influenced by the Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 and in fact alot of his collection helped me in my FMP, what a legend. These are a select number and all unedited, I think. This was really my first "collection'" as it where are we had 8 weeks to produce 8 weeks of work so i decided to make more than one garment. The idea of my collection was to create garments out of recycled materials but with a sense of luxury and not the stereotypical 'dress made of plastic bags etc' I wanted to concentrate on manipulating them. The first thing that inspired me was the Burberry S/S 2010 collection (although I am not normally a massive fan) with the 'metal' tops and the fact that they where expensive (later I discovered probably because of the labour of sewing all the pieces on) but in no way where they recycled (or i couldn't find any information suggesting they where). So I wanted to make the comment that perhaps if the top, even couture designers could promote and use recycled materials creatively then it may change the Fashions Industry and the options of using recycled materials. Thats simply, I could write forever about the experience and ideas I had (thats what my sketchbook was for haha!). Now i feel that everything is precious and I just can't throw any plastic away.....PLUS did you know that there are 16,000 miles of plastic bottle/rubbish in the North Atlantic (ironically I found this out after my project had ended, damn).

There is stuff being done tho, check it out LFW

Anyways, pictures speak louder than words.....(above) For the first images I collaborated with Timmy to include his Final Major Project also in which he created structures/ DENS! out of natural and recycled materials including 900 bottles he found washed up on the shores of the River Trent.

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