Monday, 16 August 2010


It's no secret that I love Disney Films. And I wouldn't be surprised if I give up Fashion all together and just blogged about how I love Disney films. I love how in Cinderella everything turns back into 'rags' at midnight, except the glass slippers so she may live Happily Ever After. I swear Disney must have been a feminist (hahah) no seriously, because even though the Princesses never really fought, they did by singing which if perfectly fine withe me.The Princes where BORING AS HELL, and never did anything neither. So ha

And Vivienne Westwood obviously must to, as Viv has created this magnificent slipper as part of her collaboration with Mellissa for their S/S 2010. When I ordered these shoes, I actually went for it because it was the only colour type that wasn't sold out in the sale. But when I they actually arrived I sighed a sigh of joy, these where the shoes for me, I mean, they had Disney Princess all over them. I love there Toy's R Us quality haha but seriously they really are the perfect shoes for a girl that used to want to be a Disney Princess(which was pretty much everyone).

This is my second pair of Vivienne Westwood and Melissa shoes, and I don't want, I need more. They are just so comfy for high heals its unimaginable and the fact they are recycled plastic is perfect for enviromentally concious Fashion peoples, comme moi. Altough, I watched Cinderella to pepare myself, I was so excited to wear these shoes last thursday, they actually gave me a massive blister, so pretty dispionted really, although I'm putting it down to them being new, as they where still uber comfy.

"she goes around in circles till she's very very dizzy"

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